Hi, I'm John.
A preacher turned email copywriter.

You’re probably wondering: How does a preacher end up in copywriting?!

Well, let me explain…

Nearly a decade ago I wrote a children’s book. To help sell the thing I started studying marketing and copywriting.

Eventually I discovered email marketing, and it became my favorite. I enjoyed writing the emails, and my readers seemed to like them too.

So I started using email marketing principles in my ministry, and in other personal pursuits (like the baseball newsletter I used to publish).

I used email more than enough to appreciate its power. But when I tried to share my knowledge with business owners I knew, something strange happened…

They ignored me.

None of them were interested.

It confused me for awhile. I thought any online or small business owner would want every advantage they could find.

Why wouldn’t they want to stay in touch with their customers?

Why wouldn’t they want to build a strong bond with them?

And for crying out loud, why wouldn’t they want to make more sales?!

It felt like I was begging to help them make money, and they couldn’t care less.

I finally figured out the problem.


Turns out, they weren’t against making more money…They were hesitant to accept unsolicited business advice. Especially from somebody who didn’t have his own business.

Suddenly it made sense. After all, if a business owner took all the “advice” they’re offered, they wouldn’t have a business very long. And even though my advice could really help them, without obvious credentials they couldn’t really tell me apart from a “know-it-all” critical customer.

On top of that, even if they wanted to listen to me about how great email marketing was, their plates were full. And I didn’t have a quick, compact way to explain the basics to them.

I finally understood those challenges, and I still wanted to help. I was determined to find a way to do it…

So here’s what I did:


First, I knew I needed to be in business if I wanted to help businesses. So, despite the chaos and uncertainty of 2020 I decided to “hang out my shingle” as a freelance email copywriter.

Anybody can start a business and pretend to be good. But I enrolled in coaching from A-List copywriter Kevin Rogers to make sure my skills really were professional grade. And while I learned a few things I hadn’t known, the coaching mostly confirmed I was more than qualified to “go pro.”

Second, I figured out how to help busy online business owners get a leg up on their competition. Fast.

It’s in my free report The Seven Deadly Sins of Email Marketing.

This guide can help any online business owner write great emails. You’ll learn the biggest email marketing mistakes–errors I see again and again–so you can avoid them.

Be warned: My report won’t make you an overnight expert. But you’ll have a distinct advantage over your competitors because you’ll know how to spot and dodge the most devastating email problems.

The things tripping up so many businesses right now.

You’ll have a handy guide while your competitors fumble around in the dark without a flashlight.

Plus, when you sign up for the report you’ll also be joining my free email newsletter. You’ll learn even more about effective email marketing right in the convenience of your inbox.

So whenever you’re ready (and before your competition beats you to it), sign up to learn The Seven Deadly Sins of Email Marketing by clicking here.

To better emails,

John Allan