Hi. I'm John. I help Christians win in the new economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and hurled us all into a new economy that many people don’t know how to navigate.

I help Christian employees, executives, and entrepreneurs with the mindset and marketing they need to succeed in the new economy without losing their dignity or their faith.

My diverse background in journalism, political science, marketing, and ministry give me a unique perspective. Plus, I’ve spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars developing the tools and skills I leverage for you. As a lifetime learner and voracious reader I’m always looking for information to give me and my clients an ethical (no shady, slimy business here) edge in their professional development and marketing.

If you’re an employee or executive looking to increase your professional value, my coaching programs like Rapid Professional Growth can help. Business owners trying to increase engagement and sales can benefit from my consulting and copywriting services.

To learn more about coaching, consulting, or copywriting and how I can provide a solution tailor-made to your challenges schedule a complimentary call today.

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