Why you shouldn’t write NASCAR Emails

Let’s talk about what might be the biggest mistake I see online businesses make with their email marketing…

Sending emails with 100 different choices.

This is on my mind because I just read an email with 19 different links I could click.

Nineteen links!

The problem with having so many different actions they *could* take, is your customer will get overwhelmed and probably choose to do NOTHING.

Think of it like trying to read all the sponsors on a NASCAR driver’s fire suit while he answers interview questions. There are too many to process, so you’ll likely just quit.

This is an easy problem to correct, though…

Instead of talking about five different products (or having 19 different links) in one email, focus on one.

Decide what ONE thing you’d like your reader to click on when they’re finished reading your email…And then write an email that will encourage them to do that.

Make this simple correction, and don’t be surprised if you start getting more clicks and orders.

To better emails,


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